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Visual Voting is a brand new voting app for conferences and live events that turns a room of delegates into an opinion lightshow. Now the audience can light up together, in a sea of coloured pixels representing their responses. At a snap, the speaker on stage asking the question can look around the audience and see who thinks what. At the same time, the votes are accurately collated and broadcast to the big screens, where well designed infographics display the final tally. Drive engagement and measure the results in real time with Visual Voting.



Provided Visual Voting for Most Contagious conferences held in both London and New York simultaneously on December 11th 2013. Our client wanted to run an Audience Award, polling 400 people in each of the 2 locations (5 hours apart) - capturing and displaying the real-time results instantly.


“We were proud to be the launch partner for Makelight’s Visual Voting at our annual conferences in December. We had been looking for a cost-effective way to poll the audience, conducting a real-time Audience Award as the finale of our event. Visual Voting was the ideal solution: it was quick, easy and of course, looked fantastic! We couldn’t have been more pleased with the result and would recommend Visual Voting as a great new way to engage delegates and inject interactivity at an event. We’re looking forward to running it again next year!”

Arianna Radji // Global Events Manager // Contagious


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